Great Week

When God closes a door on you, he will open a window for you. If only you are willing to turn your head away from that closed door and change your direction, you will see from the window that the world is bigger than you think. There is more than one way to get what […]

Recovery & Harmony

Family is happy now. It really works when I take a step back and make efforts to show concern. For example, I got my Mum flowers for Mothers’ Day and some milk (specially formulated for adults) for their bones. Both my parents are happy now too, in Malaysia, with my younger brother. I’m not interested in […]


I used to think and do many things, including hating salads. Now, I love these things, including having salads for lunch. Every (week)day.

Busy Week

Can’t move out, gotta stay here and earn as much as possible to buy my own place… or get married. I think earning money is easier lol. Work is so stressful and getting worse. And diet plans are bringing some slight results for my weight loss journey…


Having low confidence and self-esteem is common among girls and women. Throughout my LIFE, I have been struggling with believing in myself, having faith, and generally thinking that I am already good enough. I constantly tell myself that I am enough, but the next moment, I will find ways to identify my flaws and how much I fall short compared to others. But I learn in the end to take it easier on myself…

Year of Change

So, how has your year come along? It’s almost the end of March and I’m quite pleased with the number of “New” stuff I have in my life. I actually like this feeling… New phone New (additional) phone number – so yes, I have 2 numbers New laptop New workplace New diet plans New hairstyle […]

Freedom Comes At A Price

The other day, I had a late-night gathering with a few friends. Side note: We have known each other for 12+ years and meet maybe once or twice a year. We are all different types of people with varied interests and career paths, so being able to get along while each maintaining our separate personal […]

Where should I travel to next?

I love travelling. The smell of the air (different in every country!). Being introduced to a different culture. Trying local cuisines. Exploring a new city. Witnessing Nature’s beauty… In every way possible, travelling to a new place is a blessing. It is also an escape from our comfort zones to remind us of how fortunate […]